August 28 – 29, 2007

Local boats with high bows

Our only stop on Sumbawa was the town of Bima.  We started off motorsailing, but we were able to turn off the iron maiden a few miles on.   The countercurrent was never more than 1 ½ knots, and our sail there was uneventful.

Anchoring in Bima was a bit more interesting than we like.  This is the most cluttered bottom we have found since Pago Pago in American Samoa.  Our first drop of the anchor failed to bite, and we pulled up some polypropylene tarp with it. The tarp was stuck on the anchor tip, and it spread muddy slime all over the starboard side of our decks and hull before it returned to the deep. Our second drop did get a bite, but when we let out a little scope, we were in 6 ½ feet of water, and we draw 6 ½ feet.  When we brought up the anchor the second time we snagged some animal intestines that were floating nearby.  But our third try got a bite, and we had a generous 27 feet under our keel.

Our plan was to spend the night and head further toward Bali in the morning.  But Bud was quite charmed by the local boats, and he wanted to go ashore and explore a bit before leaving.  So we did.

The harbor was colorful and full of interesting local boats.  The town of Bima was very dry and dusty.  Most of the local transportation is in small wooden carts pulled by a small horse – the size of a pony but built like a horse.  Other carts are pushed by people. We found a small ‘supermarket’ (Indonesia’s version) and bought a few things.  We also found a bit of fresh fruit and reprovisioned.  Then, back to the boat.

Local transportation

Taxi stand

When we returned to the wharf, a rat was swimming along between us and our dinghy.  Although Bud was quite charmed with this town, Nita was getting thoroughly grossed out (she still hadn’t fully recovered from the intestines that she had to disentangle from the anchor chain).  We agreed that Bali was calling, and we left midday with our next stop uncertain

We decided underway that we would do an overnighter and sail to the northwest corner of the island of Lombok – just a day sail away from Bali.

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