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from the top of 'Euakafa

October 13, 2005

    'Eukafa is a high island in the southeastern part of Vava'u.  It is not inhabited, but it offers many other attractions.


one of the pleasures of cruising -

meeting old friends in new anchorages


   There is a great reef for diving on the east side of the island.  There is ample shallow sand nearby in which one can anchor.  We met Don and Gwen of Tackless II there and did a very nice dive together.

    There is also a footpath from the beach up to the top of the mountain which provides spectacular views of the surrounding islands.  The picture above - the same as on the Vava'u page - is a stitched panorama taken from the top of 'Euakafa.


coral taken for Talafaiva's tomb

    And it also the site of some interesting Tongan history/legend - the story of Telea and his queen, Talafaiva.  The tomb of Talafaiva is found along the trail leading up the island.  Along the beach, there are obvious slabs of coral missing where they were taken for Talafaiva's tomb.  The walls of the actual tomb appear about 8" thick.  However, there is also a short vertical wall (about 8" high) surrounding the tomb, and that wall is said to enclose an area about the size of a football field.  We were not able to explore its perimeter because of the thick brush, but we believe the "football field" estimate is probably accurate.  

   The tomb is open and empty.  Some say that Talafaiva was never buried in it.  Others say that her body was stolen by Lepuha.  Others say that her body was stolen by members of her family.  No one knows.

    At the other end of the island is the site of Telea's house.  Although the house and fence are gone, a few stones remain to mark the site.  The fo'ui tree is gone too.

    This island has plenty to offer despite it being currently uninhabited.

    You can follow our travels in Vava'u to Vaka'eitu, or you can return to our Vava'u page.